veterinary management software

veterinary management software euroVetPlus

• veterinary management for the vet, electronic pet health book for the pet owner. compatible windows 7,8,10, Android (available application) , iOS

• euroVetPlus . Veterinary practice management software licensing, is provided with a subscription fee starting at 6,20 euro / month (the subscription price depends on the time commitment and does not concern any function limitations)
euroVetPlus brief description (pdf)
euroVetPlus Illustrated veterinarian manual (pdf)
euroVetPlus subscription:

• euroVetPlus pets healthbook pro (free) or 5euro / year (for premium version)
* only one license is required for all your pets.
euroVetPlus illustrated pet owner manual (pdf)
pro release is free of charge, while premium release is activated for 30 days free of charge , during which the owner is invited to choose between the free transition to pro, or to activate premium release, paying only 6,20 euros / year.
special offer: activation or renewal of electronic pet health book premium release, 1 year subscription: 5 euro:

euroVetPlus is a cloud based application available from almost any computer, mobile ph´ne or tablet (recommended browser: Google Chrome). Special emphasis has been placed on its design, in order to maintain low computing power and memory requirements, so that its use remains comfortable in any case.

• the electronic pet health book can be in contact with the veterinary release so that any visit to your pet's medical history is automatically completed by your veterinarian (free pro release), while in the premium release, it can also work an independent application that will only be updated by the owner, or in combination.

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