Online store is yours paying only hosting services.

Online store is yours paying only for hosting services in advance • Online store without development costs by paying only hosting fee. Simple to update daily, easy to use, user friendly, responsive design, but above all effective e-commerce application.

Online store with €2,100 yours without a single euro extra for seven whole years. In the corresponding 25€/month (300€/year), they are included: development, construction, e-shop hosting, website name registration (domain name), SSL certificate, while afterwards you will pay only e-shop hosting: €150/year (12,50€/month - 50% discount).

• Clear, professional, responsible behavior, no surprises, no hidden charges.

Your online store can operate in two languages English - Greek.

Easy update following simple instructions available in English or Greek.

• Development of a professional online store with responsive design suitable to any screen - resolution, accessible by mobile, computer, tablet.

• Online store designed to meet the modern requirements of relevant legislation G.D.P.R – (General Data Protection Regulation).

• Acceptance of e-shop orders, domestic cash on delivery sales such as ELTA, Courier, Delivery, physical store pickup, shipping after bank deposit.

• Your e-shop will accept all kinds of PayPal payments even if your customer does not have a PayPal account. Payments can be made by bank transfer, bank account, debit - credit card, always through secure encrypted connections.

An online store remains open 24/7 days a week, non-stop without interruptions, being an important source of revenue while offering continuous high-value advertising at a very low cost, essentially contributing to the growth of any business.

• Present products, goods, services in your own e-commerce application using high-quality multimedia while providing your customers with online ordering and secure shopping payments.

• Daily updates are easily done in the online store by anyone with basic pc knowledge following a concise illustrated instruction manual, yet too many merchants, professionals, craftsmen, are wary of new technologies such as an e-commerce application.

• As long as all the tasks related to your online store are completed: development - construction - training of operators, perhaps parallel professional photography services or development - construction of a website, you can choose to continue the cooperation between us, so by agreement I undertake online the continuous professional care of information, maintenance, promotion, while from your side you take care of the online store providing professional care as you would for a physical store - second warehouse. For example: receiving - processing orders, shipping products - goods, returns management, financial management, financial control.

implementation time - e-shop cost:

• e-shop implementation time is estimated to: 30 days from the advance deposit.

• e-shop implementation for free assuming upfront payment of seven years hosting services fo 25€/month.

• All in all you paying for a complete, fully functional online store, yours for seven whole years, only: 2.100,00€ (2.604,00€ VAT included), without a single euro more.

• the above price includes for a period of seven years: online store hosting costs, website name registration costs (domain name), SSL cetrificate (Secure Sockets Layer).
• online store hosting costs (after 7 years): 150€/year (12,5€/month - 50% discount).

e-shop payment:

50% upfront, 50% upon project completion: or by credit or debit card or bank account by PayPal.


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