IT services, technical support, equipment installation, maintenance.

• Matrix Informatics, since 1988. Technical support, IT equipment, advanced security systems are provided to private individuals, small or medium entities, private security companies, public Security Authorities.

• Specialized electronic security services. Data communications privacy protection, network security. Detection - neutralization of surveillance - eavesdropping systems - monitoring software attended to interception of data or conversations by listening - recording of home or office, computer, landline or mobile phone.

Matrix Informatics

installation,  maintenance of computers, networks, technical support of information systems

Technical support of information systems, installation, maintenance, repairs of computers, networks, neutralization of tracking, data security, software development, business website, eshop (online store) construction, hosting, professional photography, photo - documents digitization, video editing, video clip production.

Computer - network support

hardware,  software  applications support

IT support.
• Immediate response, great experience, responsibility, low prices.
By visit at home or office within an hour (Thessaloniki) or by remote intervention using remote support software.
installation, repair, upgrade of computers or networks.
• Office software.

Vet Software


Veterinary clinic clientele
digital pet health book

Veterinary clientele eurovet - installation to older pc
Veterinary clientele digital pet health book

• Contemporary veterinarian's clientele, digital pet healthbook for any pet owner.
Software is accessible by any computer, mobile device with a browser or using the free Android application, eurovetplus is a sophisticated advantageous proposal for all modern veterinarians but also an ideal useful solution to any pet owner (irrelevant to number of pets each pet owner need only one license).


Data - communications security

Data security, Deleted recovery, privacy of communications, email, Irrevocable deletion

Network security, sensitive data encryption .
Deleted files recovery.
Ensuring privacy of communications.
Privacy Assurance before emailing or saving to a network storage or file sharing site.
Irrevocable deletion of data (non-recoverable).


Business website development - hosting

professional website development, maintenance, hosting

Professional website.
• Design, development, maintenance, hosting.
• Get a unique business page online.
• Easy to navigate by anyone.
• Search engine optimized.
• Fast access even by users with slow connections, friendly, accessible by all operating systems or browser, responsive view to mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.


eshop Development - hosting

eshop development, hosting, maintenance

Eshop. development, hosting, maintenance.

• Get your own eCommerce app.

• User-friendly - functional eshop for all visitors.

• Accepting secure payments of all kind by PayPal.

• Easy update process following simple instructions in English or Greek.


Professional photography

Professional photography of objects

Professional photography of small objects.
• High-quality photos.
• File names according to company warehouse.
• Background according to website or eshop needs.
• Client's logo as watermark.


Photo digitization

Digitization of old printed photos - negatives digitization. Different formats - resolutions

Digitizing old photos or negatives is no more than simply a required solution if you need to preserve photos as they are destroyed over time through natural processes.
Digitizing photographs or negatives allows up to a degree corrective interventions such as removing scratches dirt or distortion as well as correcting colors or brightness where necessary.


Documents digitization - OCR

documents digitization services

Documents digitization - OCR (optical character recognition).

• Conversion of all kinds of forms such as books, documents, theses, etc. into a digital format that can be edited.

• You may also request simple photocopies of documents in digital format (without editing option) at very low prices.


Business video clip production

business video clip presentations

video editing - video clip production business video clip presentations, services provision, products, real estate, etc.
• Excellent quality video clip. Showcase screen presentation, exhibitions, social networks.
Attached company logo.
• Fast delivery in USB sticks, memory card or online: starting at 100€.


Software development

Υπηρεσίες ανάπτυξης λογισμικού

Analysis, software development, instruction manual writing.

• Local installation or hosting of application in a secure online location.

• Programming languages: PHP, HTML, CSS. Databases: MySQL


Complete IT solutions

• Complete informatics solutions, technical support, computers, peripheral installations, repairs, upgrades, operating systems, office - marketing management software, tax mechanisms, wired or wireless networks, private individuals, corporate customers, public service Authorities.

• Network protection from unauthorized access, ensure data privacy of e-mail, documents, portable or fixed storage media, complete deletion of files eliminating possibility of data recovery, recovery of deleted files, secure internet access, restrict access to inappropriate websites to minors.

• Construction, hosting, maintenance of online store, business website, or online discussion area, photography, digitization of printed documents, photos or negatives, video clip production.

• Software development. Programming languages: PHP, HTML, CSS. Databases: MySQL

- No research services provided.
- Misuse by unauthorized persons of certain software or equipment that may be included on this website is in contrary to applicable Law.
- It is sole responsibility as well as obligation of each buyer to be informed regarding relevant Legislation of their Country as well as acting accordingly.
- I am not responsible in case of illegal use by any end user. Moreover I declare that if this is found to be the case both sales process as well as provision of technical support will be terminated immediately.
- You may find more regarding current Greek Legislation at by Ministry of Interior.


• As technological developments advance day by day, I do not claim to know everything nor do I promise miracles.

• However, learning every day, I declare that with passion and enthusiasm I make sure to always provide my customers with high quality services or equipment.

• My main goal is to always be a reliable as well as useful partner to my clients.

if you have questions:
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• Contact me regarding issues that concerns you as long as it related to informatics technology even if you cannot find what you were looking in this webpage.

• I will carefully consider your needs in each case offering you the most modern and efficient solution.

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