Professional photography of small objects.

Professional photography of small objects, photo editing, coding according to your warehouse, low prices.

presentation of products - merchandise - digital photos

Professional photography of small objects, photo editing, coded file names like in your warehouse at low cost.

• A particularly important role depends on quality professional photography when it comes to products or other small items displayed on any online store, business website or commercial software.

• We have special equipment and software that allows us to provide our customers with professional quality photos. Professional digital photos perfectly match your website background, embedded company's logo for copy protection, encoded file names according to warehouse codes at no extra cost.

• Encoding photos of different sizes (different resolutions). Low resolution for photos of catalog items (small or medium size) so that the speed of website operation is not negatively affected, high resolution (large photo) so that all object details are a click away.

• High definition digital photos are the only option for product presentation in printed form.

professional digital product photography

Professional warehouse photography for e-shop

photography of products, medicines, cosmetics, spare parts, optics, industrial packaging, photographic link of package contents, image processing, encoded file names according to warehouse codes

Professional work, guaranteed result.

• Request a free quote and sample photos for the items you make or sell.

Professional photography - photo editing - samples of my work:

photography of objects - implementation time:

• professional photography of products, merchandise, small objects: the delivery time varies from about 50 to 100 warehouse items per day as it depends on different conditions.

cost of photography:

• price proportional to the total number of photos, starting at 1,20€ +VAT / object (operations of a large number of warehouse items).

the above price is calculated per piece - warehouse object, not per photo.

• For example, if a product needs three photos to display properly, the price for each photo is 0.40€, or if two photos are needed 0.80€.


upon agreement in installments, final payment upon completion of the project: or by credit or debit card or bank account by PayPal.


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