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Video editing - quality video production

• video editing and production for TV presentation of commercial businesses, services provision, goods, products, real estate, vehicles, etc.

• High definition video clip production - excellent quality editing. Comfortable 1080p (full high definition) video for any display such as shop window, exhibition, social media, computer, mobile phone, with your company logo, fast production completion, delivery of video clip file on USB Stick, memory card or online.

• When you need a video presentation, whatever your topic, there is no better method than a well-made video clip.

• Nowadays most of the professionals choose video presentations on different topics like merchandise, products, services provided, real estate, vehicles, educational material online.

• Countless retailers, wholesale suppliers, along with any online presence they maintain, such as a business website, online store, social media, also use display screens, thereby displaying multiple products in the same space.

• Your high-resolution presentation video clip can be used both in-store projection and online. There could be also lower-resolution version video clip, potentially useful only in specialized cases such as limited server storage space, video presentation must be displayed using older low-resolution displays, limited web server telecast capabilities.

• Note: If you need to use a TV presentation video clip on any website, it is recommended to host it for free on youtube and use a corresponding video display box on the website, thus ensuring excellent high-definition screen quality, automatically (from youtube) adjusting the video clip resolution according to user's current computing power as well as their current connection speed.

video editing - presentation video clip production - cost factors:

• High-definition presentation video clips final price is affected by several factors such as: video clip length, ready-made photos, video footage availability, to be used in video editing for inclusion to the final video clip production.

• If, for example, there is a need for new product photography, video clip footage, which will be used in editing as raw materials in the production of video clips, there will be a corresponding price surcharge.

Please feel free to request samples of my work.

video editing - high definition video clip production - price:

>Παραγωγή βίντεο κλιπ παρουσίασης
Price upon agreement. 50% down payment, final payment upon delivery: or by credit or debit card or bank account by PayPal.


• Indicative price: up to 10' presentation video production in the processing of which ready-made digital photos or videos are used: price 100€ +24% VAT.

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