Data encryption, secure storage, telecommunications security, deleted file recovery.

File security by storage media encryption, Mobile phone secure communications, Deleted files recovery, Permanent data erasure.

Encrypted phone conversations - Secure mobile phone communication.

• Digital encryption in general is a way of shaping or encoding digital data in such a way that it cannot be understood except by anyone who has the corresponding decryption key.

• Telephone conversations nowadays are conducted through digital means, where during any telephone conversation, despite the fact that our own voice arrives in analog form to the microphone of our device, it is instantly converted to digital data which travels in digital form to be converted back into analog form reaching each interlocutor's telephone device so that voice can be understood as they are reaching their speaker or earpiece.

• Many antennas or long internet paths are used by the various carriers to route voice while it is in digital form, that is, during any telephone communication, with what this entails on communications security in general, even if digital communications are encrypted by mobile companies according to their policy or relevant legislation.

• In recent years the monitoring of telephone communications has become a not so unusual problem in many cases such as unfair competition between commercial or industrial enterprises.

Data encryption meaning secured storage media.

• Every laptop or portable storage device can may contain valuable files or information that if lost could put any owner in a difficult position.

• A desktop office computer or a corporate server is potentially vulnerable to loss of sensitive files or personal data when no one is in the company.

• The operating system password or access PIN, even if enabled, is in most cases insufficient to protect the computer's internal or external storage media.

• An encrypted file storage is an excellent low-cost investment.

Data recovery – restore deleted files.

• Sometimes situations like incorrect settings, incorrect user handling, power failure, or machine malfunction may result in the deletion of useful files. Nevertheless, the recovery of deleted files can be applied almost always.

Permanent deletion of files so that recovery becomes impossible.

• Deleting files does not necessarily mean a definitive end to their existence, but only a designation by the operating system of whatever space they occupy as free space where new files can be written, while in the meantime the deleted files remain available for recovery. The only way for deleted files to not be available to recovery is their permanent deletion.

Encrypted storage.

Encrypted storage can be created on fixed or portable storage
• Encrypted storage can be created on any fixed or portable storage media you use such as any hard drive, usb stick or memory card, using data encryption software so that files can now only be accessed after typing in a password.

• Hard drives, memory cards, removable USB or memory sticks in the majority of them at least are cheap - reliable data storage media.

• By using a removable memory card, USB memory stick, or external drive, anyone can now easily carry originals or copies of valuable business or personal data files in a pocket, bag, or purse.

Many of today's portable storage media are extremely small in size, a fact of course that increase their portability but also increasing the risks of loss.

Encrypted mobile conversations.

Completely secure phone conversations, Voice encryption on your mobile

• Completely secure phone conversations. Voice encryption on your mobile, transfer within the mobile network in an encoded - encrypted form, and decoding only when it reaches its destination (your interlocutor's mobile) , while at the same time exactly the opposite happens with your interlocutor's voice while it travels to your mobile phone.

• In order to ensure confidential communication between two or more mobile phones, voice encryption software should be installed on them.

• The method enables secure mobile phone conversations thanks to voice encryption as it travels from one phone device to another.

• Software without any need of proxy server.

Encrypted storage.

Software - services for preparation of secure encrypted storage media

• Software and services for preparation and use secure encrypted storage media of data files on an internal or external hard drive, memory card or usb stick.*1

price: 120 euro + VAT (147,60)

Mobile phone voice encryption software.

Λογισμικό κρυπτογράφησης φωνητικών επικοινωνιών κινητού

• Mobile phone voice encryption software (two device software license).*2
• instructions for installation - use.

price: 1.300 euro + VAT (1.599,00)

Mobile phone voice encryption software.

mobile phone voice encryption softwaress

• Individual license of mobile phone voice encryption software (one required per additional device).*2

price: 600 euro + VAT (738,00)

Deleted files recovery.

Deleted files recovery from disk, memory card, SIM card

• Deleted files recovery, restoration from disk, memory card, SIM card with money back guarantee.*3

price: 200 euro + VAT (246,00)

Complete data deletion software.

Complete data deletion from any digital storage
• Software for permanent - complete deletion of digital data from any digital storage medium, in such a way that it becomes impossible to restore them.*4

• Permanent file deletion is the only way to ensure file deletion.

price: 340 euro + VAT (418,20)

payment methods:

A condition for any provision of all above services is their payment in advance at my or by credit or debit card or bank account by PayPal.

• If costs arise for transport of storage media or mobile phones to and from our office or cost for a technician visit to go to your location, they are borne by the customer. Technical support visit. outside of Thessaloniki from 0.38€ /km.:
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encrypted storage:

*1 - The relevant service is provided at no additional cost with remote support connection, or at your location with an additional technician transfer fee.

telecommunications voice encryption:

*2 - Installation on the respective telephone devices is included at no extra charge. • By purchasing software licenses for telecommunications encryption, you represent that you have no reason to believe that they are subject to investigations by the Security Authorities, and you agree that if it is found to the contrary, both the relevant software licenses and / or any provision of technical support will be revoced wile you will not be entitled to any for of compensation or refund.

deleted data recovery, complete data deletion:

*3 - The deleted file recovery service requires a certified statement of responsibility where you confirm that the storage medium with the content of which you entrust the recovery belongs to you.
• The relevant charge will apply without the right to a refund if it is possible to restore even a part of the total lost data.

*4 - Free installation on PC by remote support connection.

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