Matrix informatics: Analysis, programming, development of software applications.

• if you are thinking of ordering a market development as a first choice of a research among the applications already on the market.

• The reason for the previous market research is that tasks like designing, analyzing, programming, developing a custom software application cost quite a lot in time and money, depending of course on parameters such as: required scope of work in general, required technical specifications, degree of difficulty, level of security, communication and storage needs.

•Of course, if you are not covered by any of the ready-made application solutions, I am available to take care of the design, analysis, programming, development, application hosting (if necessary) and writing the instruction manual of your own software application.

Custom software application development


Custom software application - analysis, design, development.

• You might see software as an example of my work: eurovetplus is an online veterinary clinic management software and at the same time digital health booklet for small pets. The software is offered as a subscription service - SAS (software as service).
euroVetPlus is a working example of my work. It includes significant technological innovations, is completed and fully operational serving veterinarians and small animal owners.

custom software, analysis, design, development

• Analysis, design, development, hosting of custom software applications on your behalf.

• Software application manual writing

Matrix informatics - custom software

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