Photos and negatives digitization with restoration processing services.

Digital editing services, digitized old photos restoration - digitized negative restoration, digitized photo maintenance work like scratch removal, stain removal, brightness, contrast, color correction services, from €3 per photo or negative.

photo digitization services

• Photos stored in a photo album for decades lose their colors, while slowly but surely "shifting" to red.
• A natural degradation process will eventually happen for any photo album where meterials like plastic, paper, glue are present.
• Over time, detaching photos from any photo album becomes very difficult or impossible when photograph parts become embedded in the paper and transparent cover of photo album pages.

• Photo digitization allows significant advantages such as intervention services for color restoration, dust removal, brightness, contrast correction, several damaged areas restoration operations, backup copies, easy reprinting, ensuring availability to all family members as well as future generations.

• Modern equipment, digitization - processing software help to restore photos, negatives in the best possible way.

Printed photos - negatives digitization services, digital restoration.

• As long as you are not yet facing an irreversible destruction of your originals, make sure that your photos - negatives are transferred to a high-resolution digital format while ensuring quality restoration. Use difitization services and make great digitized gifts to your your family members offering digital storage media we will be giving away to you.

photographs digitization services Useful tips to preserve old printed photos or negatives

Useful tips for preserving old photos, negatives:

• Store the originals by separating each photo using special archival paper, wrap each album individually before storing in a cardboard box.

• Store your photo albums in a dark environment, as constant temperature as possible - normal humidity, avoiding spaces with no air at all such as an airtight safe.

• If you find that mold, fungus, other microorganisms have grown on the originals, please clean carefully, dry and store separately.

• Photo frame: As mentioned above strong light accelerates photo wear. It is recommended to print and use a copy in the photo frame.

digitized photo services

• Photo digitization services in large numbers: Please ask for special price.

Photos digitization services - digitized products delivery schedule:

• Photographs, negatives: digitization services including digital photo processing - photo restoration: it mainly depends on the original photos or negatives condition, however when it comes to high volume jobs, the required time is usually 50 - 100 pieces/day (digital processing services included).

• Photographs, negatives: digitization including digital photo processing - photo restoration for particularly large number of photos:
Upon agreement - time allocation for corresponding preparation, delivery time can reach digitization of 1000 or more photos - negatives / day.

Photo digitization, digital photo processing, digital photo restoration services price:

• Price proportional to the total number of photos - negatives, from 3€ +VAT.
Significant discounts are offered when it comes to digital work services for large numbers of digitized photos - negatives.

Photo digitization services - payment:

Photo digitization services - digital restoration in large numbers of photos - negatives: Upon agreement scheduled installments payments during the digitization process related to partial originals return and parallel digitized products delivery, final payment upon project completion: or by credit or debit card or bank account by PayPal.

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