Digitization of documents, Greek or English text.

Document digitization services - optical character recognition (OCR) - conversion to electronic format.

low cost price. Digitizing one page including OCR for only: €3, while quantity discounts apply.

• Indicatively, €3 corresponds to digitization including visual recognition of 2500 text characters, amount included in one A4 digital page full of Arial size 11 characters, while at the same time the included images (if included) are scanned at no extra charge.

Digitization of books, documents, writings, descriptions, instructions, all kinds of forms, means easy archiving, fast access, simultaneous use or editing by multiple users if needed, document protection, while, since it has been processed with OCR (optical character recognition) during the digitization, the search process, corrective interventions, possible text changes are very easy.

OCR digitization service, optical character recognition in Greek and English

• Final electronic files can be sent using email, FTP (related instructions are provided - exclusive FTP account access), cloud drive applications such as Google Drive, while when using physical transfer of originals, any associated cost - transfer responsibility lies with the customer.

documents digitization

documents - text digitization text digitization

• A digital OCR file can be easily changed and needed according to the owner's current needs, while securing the digital text content, as interventions such as document access protection, backup creation are just a few clicks away.

digitization of documents

• Thanks to digitization, a file can be shared wherever needed, secured, while new technologies allow actions such as electronic signature as well as adding a password.

documents digitization with OCR - Delivery schedule:

• documents digitization with optical character recognition (OCR): if scanning A6 to A0 text forms or images, from crisp - clean originals: 100 to 200 pages per day in Greek, up to 400 pages in English. • Included file encoding per page - section, and final quality verification.

particularly large number of documents digitization including optical character recognition (OCR):
Upon agreement - allocation of the respective preparation time, delivery time can range from 2,000 to 10,000 plus pages of documents per day.

• documents digitization without optical character recognition (OCR:
delivery time 100 - 10,000+ pages of documents per day.

documents digitization with OCR process - price:

• price proportional to the total number - quality of the prototypes:
starting at 3€ + VAT/ page.

documents digitization WITHOUT OCR process - price:
1€ - 0,05€ + VAT/ page.

In any case, lower prices are offered for digitizing documents in large numbers.

• Ask for a special price when you need high volume digitization.


Digitization of a large number of documents: upon agreement, partial payments during, final payment upon completion of the project: or by credit or debit card or bank account by PayPal.

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