veterinary practice software for vets, digital pet health book for pet owners


If your life is related to small pets, euroVetPlus software is an excellent, affordable professional work tool available to all modern small animal veterinary practice, truly supporting their work offering reliable access to customer and pet information focusing on small animal medical history.

• Simplifies veterinary practice management of small animal veterinarian combining a great digital pet health book to each pets owner.

• By allowing multiple user access with one license under one account, it supports small animal veterinary clinics where multiple veterinarians or veterinary assistants work.

• A new patient visit including new coming patient's basic information as well as new pet owner basic data may be added in seconds, combined to automatic pet medical history update.

• Veterinary practice software euroVetPlus works equally well on PC, mobile or tablet, has free backup service, free upgrades, no local installation required.

• euroVetPlus is also a complete pet health booklet in digital format providing pets owners to instant access at any time to pet medical history including all valuable health information or alerts, regarding their little friends.

The digital pet health book is available to pet owners in two versions
→ Digital pet health book Pro (limited functions): available free.
→ Digital pet health book Premium: one license covers all of an owner's pets at a great price.

• Both veterinary practice software version and digital pet book versions feature automated notifications of upcoming pet medical visits such as vaccination, deworming, or other scheduled pet treatment reminders, while working on computers or mobile devices using different operating systems or internet connections of different speeds.

• access: by any browser, Google Chrome preferably or by free Android app: euroVetPlus.

veterinary clientele software


Veterinary clinic practice software - electronic pet health book.

Veterinary clinic practice software maintains communication to digital pet health book so that pet visits are automatically filled in pet's medical history by the vet (free pet owner's edition), while premium version in addition it also works as an interactive application where updates regarding each specific pet's visit can be updtated independently or in combination by a veterinarian or pet owner such as if they need uploads from a computer or mobile phone to a particular visit of a patient animal like documents, photos, videos or other details of external medical examinations.

Electronic pet health bookprovides instant access to medical history information to pet owners regarding all pets of their own, thus helping to avoid inconveniences, save time, but above all contributing to the good health of companion animals.

Media attachments (documents, photos, audio or video files) may be registered to each patient’s visit providing a thorough reporting regarding each visit. Furthermore there is a simultaneous two-way updating of pet medical history, as well as vet and pet owner diaries

veterinary clientele - pet health book

Detailed illustrated instruction manuals for vet or owner.

prices, initial euroVetPlus software license activation or subscription renewal:

Veterinary clinic practice software - pet medical history booklet: subscription software license: special offer: initial activation or subscription renewal price starting at 5 euro / month = 180€ / 3 year subscription. Special price is only related to subscription duration not about feature limitations.
Veterinary practice software euroVetPlus : subscription of 6 months to 3 years.

Digital pet health book pro: free.

Digital pet health book premium: is automatically activated without charge (30 days free) upon each registration of new pet owner, while afterwards pet's owner will have to choose between free pro version, or activation of premium version by paying an annual subscription of only 5 euro.

Digital pet health book euroVetPlus: Premium annual subscription.

Try euroVetPlus (30 days free of charge) , in whichever version without any fees or feature limitations. If you like it, you will only need to proceed to a subscription payment on time. All data entries made during your trial period of Veterinary clinic practice software or pet health book will remain there unless choosed otherwise.

EuroVet 1.1 - small animal practice veterinary software without internet:

• euroVetPlus did not come out of the blue but is a continuation of EuroVet 1.1 version 1999.

An outstanding software which may only be installed locally on a computer.

• EuroVet 1.1 is a quality Veterinary practice software that still serves many vets efficiently until today, nowadays however it is aimed more at those who are used to older operating systems like windows xp or 7 or feel more confortable to use a veterinary application without internet access.

EuroVet 1.1 Veterinary practice software
• EuroVet (stand alone installation)
price: 290€ +VAT.

small animal practice veterinary software – electronic pet health book euroVetPlus:

pet medical history veterinary practice software only for 5€/month
pet medical history veterinary practice software: 5€/month
digital pet health booklet only for 5€/year
digital pet health booklet for only 5€/year
notifications on upcoming animal medical visits
notifications of upcoming medical visits
deworming, vaccination or other scheduled treatment reminders
vaccination, deworming, or other treatment reminders
register a pet medical visit in seconds
register a pet visit in seconds
attached multimedia files to pet visits
attached media files per pet visit
Veterinary practice software  for 5€ /month only
Veterinary practice software: 5€ /month
electronic health book for your pets
electronic pet health book
detailed veterinarian and pet owner instruction manuals
detailed veterinarian - owner instruction manuals
digital pet health booklet 5€ /year only
digital pet health booklet 5€/year
veterinarian software euroVetPlus
veterinarian clientele euroVetPlus
euroVetPlus - digital pet health booklet
digital pet health booklet euroVetPlus
vet - owner instruction manuals available
vet - owner instruction manuals
two-way  updates of pet medical history
two-way pet medical history update
vet price starting at only 5€/month
vet price starting at 5€/month
pet owner price starting at only 5€/year
pet owner price: 5€/year

GDPR compliant
• euroVetPlus veterinary practice software is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.
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