Detection, neutralization of hidden surveillance equipment or software.

Hidden surveillance systems or eavesdropping software designed for interception of data or communications now can be detected and neutralized.

Addressing methods of illegal monitoring or wiretaping, data interception, violation of communications of home, office or vehicle privacy. Detection and neutralization of special mobile phone surveillance or computer monitoring software. Locate and disable any suspicious mobile or landline eavesdropping apps today, eliminating any possibility of communications or file privacy breaches.

Modern methods of home, office or vehicle monitoring, phone tapping or other breach of privacy of personal data are nowadays based on specialized electronic equipment or eavesdropping software.

• According to recent statistics, there is an increased number of illegal - unauthorized by Security Authorities surveillance of individuals or businesses. In the first case, the majority of cases concern affairs between spouses, while in the second most cases concern commercial or industrial espionage aimed at unfair competition between businesses or competitors.

How your cell phone may spying on you in case of surveillance software has been installed?

• After installing – activating phone surveillance software, your private conversations may be intercepted remotely regardless of whethere it happens in real time or not. Recorded phone conversations may be uploaded to a location on the internet where the remote user has exclusive access (username - password) or e-mail.

• An infected phone with such spyware will automatically forward all SMS text messages or other messages of applications for comunication by text messages without any trace to the respective applications or folders while the phone otherwise functions normally.

A trapped cell phone automatically answers without sound, vibration, or other indications on the screen when a certain number is used for the incomming call if it is set as the default remote number during software installation, allowing the remote user to listen anything whenever needed leaving no traces, while the phone behaves exactly as if you had answered an incoming call without ending it.

Geographic location: As all modern devices have a geo-location system (GPS), it is useful for one to know that such a malicious application can activate the GPS without user intervention and send the precise location data by SMS or email or upload it to a web site, while geographic location data may be easily transferred to an electronic map with one click.

• Newer versions of tracking software have more sophisticated features like automatic capture - sending of photos or videos taken without a flash using each phone's built-in cameras , while the corresponding functions can be activated automatically when an incoming or outgoing call starts, or whenever the remote user requests it. They can also capture - upload a copy of other personal data such as phone book, email messages or internet browsing history.

During remote listening - eavesdropping there will be no device malfunction observed if the active incoming connection has been initiated by the pre selected number as the listening will automatically stopped when the user accepts or initiate a call.

Replacing the SIM card or changing phone number is not a solution against a phone bug - wiretapping application, as in such a case remote user will be notified for the new number in exactly the same way. Turning off mobile data isn't a solution either, as intercepted files or recordings will be uploaded anyway if an occasional Wi-Fi connection is established that automatically activates even if it happens once every few days.

If when you received your phone it was not in a factory-sealed package, or it was left unattended or without password protection (regardless of the PIN), it cannot be ruled out that it is already trapped , as in most cases the installation of monitoring software only takes a few minutes, while the purchase of such software is quite easy as it is available from hundreds of suppliers mainly abroad.

How does landline tracking or wiretapping work and what are ways to deal with landline tracking:

Landline monitoring is usually done with a digital recorder, or a micro-transmitter whose transmission ends up in a remote corresponding frequency receiver.

It is also possible to connect landline to a computer or a GSM transmitter systemthat automatically activates by relaying the conversation in real time to another landline or mobile phone or uploading recordings to a remote internet location. The installation of such devices - monitoring bugs is relatively easy and can be done at any point of the line inside or outside a building, while their detection - deactivation is done using special machines capable of measuring power, frequency emissions, value of electric load carried on the line.

Time frame for hidden surveillance - eavesdropping equipment detection and neutralization:

As long as prior agreement is made, the visit can take place within the next day, while the time duration of a visit varies as parameters like the complexity or the total area of the place or even its geographical location are important in such controls.
For example, if the site is located near multiple sources of wireless transmissions such as wireless networks, network routers, WiFi or access points, it takes more time to detect a hidden transmitter or other tracking system.

It is worth mentioning that above parameters may affect the detection completion time frame but not the price.

If however you want a more general estimate, its safe to say that it will take no more than two hours to complete a room or phone check, or a computer check.

Locating and disabling hidden wired or wireless home, office or vehicle surveillance systems.

surveillance systems locating equipment
Surveillance equipment used for eavesdropping by providing a remote user with monitoring capabilities such as eavesdropping on the premises, recording mobile or landline conversations, broadcasting or uploading audio or video transmissions of your premises without your consent.

Checking and securing of a phone with surveillance software installed

covert surveillance detection equipment;

Surveillance software can be used for violation of privacy of communications or other personal data, such as text messages, recording or real time eavesdropping on conversations, recording, location reporting, uploads of your email, phone book, browsing history, chat software, remote activation of mobile phone cameras by taking photos or uploading videos to a remote website without relevant notifications.


Surveillance of area with hidden cameras, recorders or transmitters. How is carried out and how can be neutralized?

Locating area monitoring equipment requires the use of special equipment, as a camera, wireless or wired could be embedded in a recorder wile can be so small that it can easily be hidden in any device, piece of furniture, lamp, remote control, lighter, clock or other object, so that it is in complete harmony with the environment, so it does not arouse any interest.

• Regarding the way of recording, transmitting or uploading images or video, techniques or means are used similar to those mentioned above for the landline telephone.

A GSM audio relay system with a SIM card offers significant advantages like very little requirement in hidden installation space, low consumption, practically unlimited range, while locating such a device becomes extremely difficult while it is in standby mode.

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