Privacy statement - website terms of use.

Privacy statement • Respect for the security of personal data, care to ensure the privacy of your personal information and transactions.

• Any form of communication with you is treated as confidential and handled accordingly. All communications you direct to this website by email, telephone or text messaging service, such as questions, requests, comments, your personal information such as name, surname, address, telephone, tax information, are recorded in accordance with the applicable policy while remaining on file for one year in order to ensure the Legality and security of transactions.

• An exception is customer tax information as it is required to be kept for a longer period of time in accordance with current legislation.

• All related files are treated in any case as personal data and I promise not to disclose any related information to third parties under any circumstances, unless there are Legal reasons or if requested through Legal procedures by the competent Authorities.

• This website uses code from the Google analytics service through which information is collected regarding website visits and includes information such as: time of visit, unique visitor IP address, site from which the visit originated, and other useful statistics for website administrators which, however, cannot be associated with a specific person but serve to improve the services provided. Google privacy policy.

• Website statistics accessed by the Google analytics service regarding visits to this website are also considered confidential, and their collection is carried out with the commitment that they will not be disclosed unless there are legal reasons.

•As for payments using debit - credit cards - bank account, they are made through PayPal using secure encrypted connections as this ensures the privacy of your transactions in the best possible way.

•In accordance with PayPal's transaction security regulations, your card or bank account number used for online transactions remains on the company's records and is not shared with the supplier.
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terms of use:

• By using this website you acknowledge and accept the use of statistical data collection code, as well as the possible recording of relevant communications of any form including your personal data.

• Any reproduction, reuse of the content of this website in terms of text, photos, programming code, without the written permission of the creator is prohibited.


• If third-party trademarks appear on this website, they belong to their respective owners, and their use on this website is for informational purposes only in connection with the descriptions of the services and equipment provided.

Privacy statement - terms of use
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