Sales, installation - upgrade of computer, network equipment or other IT peripherals.

The choice of a suitable computer should not be left to chance, nor should it depend only on the financial part.. Equipment such as a computer, network or peripheral devices are nowadays important tools for most people, therefore they must properly meet the requirements regarding the tasks for which they are intended.

• It is reasonable not to rely on the words of an ignorant seller or the advertisements of an impersonal online store but to always consult a responsible and experienced technician who is able to recommend or even provide us with the appropriate equipment.

A new computer often contains advertising or trial versions of applications that may not be of any use to your work, but if not properly removed will remain on the computer draining valuable resources, thus burdening its daily operation.

The manufacturer default settings or preinstalled software of each computer or peripheral is aimed at the general public, so technician intervention is almost always required to best address the needs of each user. More details with prices of IT technical services in the relevant technical support section.

Sales, installation, upgrading of information systems.

indicative PC upgrade composition
• Sales, installations, upgrades of computers, networks, peripherals since 1988.

Knowledge, experience, responsibility, immediate results.

computer upgrade package

installation or replacement of IT equipment:

If your computer or other piece of equipment needs replacing:

• Control - evaluation of existing equipment.

• Equipment offer - installation services.

• According to the needs of the user at low prices.

computer upgrade:

For those computers that need an upgrade (replacement of only the motherboard, memory, processor):

• Identifying needs, as it is possible that your computer does not need an upgrade but only maintenance.

• Offer materials - upgrade services.

• Reasonable prices.

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