Matrix informatics: effective IT technical support of computer, network, information systems maintenance, installation, repair.

Computer IT support by technician's visit or remotely (secure remote connection between computers activated each time after approval by you).

IT technical support price by technician visit per hour (minimum charge): 40€ +VAT (49,6€).
• In case of visits to distances outside urban area of Thessaloniki, additional charges may apply starting at 0.38€ +VAT /km.

price of IT technical support provided by remote connection of a technician per hour (minimum charge): 20€ +VAT (24,8€).
• Remote IT support service is recommended where possible as it has very low cost compared to a technical support visit to your home, office or premises while any issue is attended immediately.

• quantity discounts apply.

Price list of individual technical works:

on-site or remote technical support of information systems
• Each visit or remote support connection regarding any task as listed below has a minimum charge of one hour unless otherwise stated at corresponding paragraph, while discounts are applicable according to required tasks.

Technical support by technician visit:

Matrix informatics technical support

Technical support technician visit to office or home even within next hour after client's call within urban area of Thessaloniki, or until next working day anywhere in Greece.

• On-site technical support is usually recommended when remote technician intervention using a remote connection is not possible.
• Like when a computer needs an operating system installation, parts added or replaced, or doesn't start at all or doesn't have internet access.

Informatics technical remote support:

technical support of equipment, software, applications

Informatics remote support.
• Technical assistance provision by direct secure connection to computer remotely.

• Such a connection is made using special remote access software. Remote access software requires you to grant permission each time, while during a technical intervention all progress can be monitored.

Necessary conditions of a remote technical support connection: a) Computer is running b) has internet access.

When is a technician visit necessary?

technician Interventions described below require visit

Interventions described below require presence of a technician on site.

Windows server InstallationWindows Installation


Installation of a host computer (Windows server operating system):
Completion in: 2 to 6 hours. What is included: a) activation - settings of operating system capabilities suitable to a specific installation, definition of properties - user access rights, creation of folders according to the needs of a business, e.g. some online sharing areas where all users may have partial or full access or others where each user may have unique access to store documents or other useful files. b) other tasks as described below.

stand alone pc installation


Installation of terminal or single windows computer:
Completion in: 1 to 4 hours. What is included: a) installation of peripherals such as printers, scanners β) other tasks as described below.

Computer installation work by visit:

On host, terminal, or single computer installations, all following tasks are going to be performed in sequence:

Recording of client's needs, copies of all existing filesif they need to be kept.

Operating system software installation(format is included).

Installation of drivers and related settings. Applies to built-in or peripheral devices.

Installation - update of protection software (for viruses or unauthorized access).

Parental control software installation.
• Special software to restrict access of minors to inappropriate content websites on a home computer (if needed).

Restore of backup Files

Installation of automated backup software (and settings) on external disk, local network or internet (π.χ. Google drive).

Individual technical support tasks by visit:

Completion in: 1 hour (minimum charge).

Hard drive replacement


Hard drive replacement.
• This task involves an internal disk. It does not include reinstallation services such as restoring files after backup. Factors like volume of files, speed or amount of random access memory of a disk may affect its overall performance.

Internal graphics board replacement


Internal graphics board replacement.
• Installation of appropriate driver software is included. It is worth mentioning that processing power, memory as well as quality of a graphics card are significantly affects overall performance of a computer. You may observe this difference even if daily tasks you assigned to computer are not particularly demanding in terms of graphics.

sound card replacement


Sound card installation or replacement.
• or adding more than one sound cards to a computer in case of specialized applications with corresponding configuration.

On-site upgrade - repair services:

motherboard, cpu, memory replacement


Motherboard, processor, memory, fan replacement .
• A lot of money may be saved by upgrading an old computer compared to what one has to spend in order to purchase a new one while upgrade is expected to provide a similar result. A necessary requirement however is new components compatibility at an upgraded computer.
DVDRW replacement


DVD, DVDRW installation or replacement.

computer power supply replacement


Computer power supply replacement.

UPS installation


Installation of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or replacing UPS batteries.

windows installation


Windows installation.

• Covers initial installation or upgrade of operating windows as well as necessary drivers as well as disk formatting in some cases.

εγκατάσταση linux


linux - linux server installation.

Computer maintenance and repair work:

Connection to a wired or wireless network


Connection to a wired or wireless network.
• Network evaluation, network access parameters settings, verification of proper working condition of network cable or construction of new short length network cable, router settings, wireless access establishment after on-site frequency research so there will be no conflict of communications caused by neighboring network communication, configuration of password protection if it is disabled or set as default factory setting, configuration of active networking equipment.

cleaning dust inside a computer


Internal computer dust cleaning.

• A side effect of fans found in almost every computer is dust as it accumulates to a point where it blocks airflow causing significant consequences in speed or noise, while depending on chemical composition and relative humidity, dust it may become conductive resulting to unwanted conductivity and eventually malfunctions or even short circuits.
Internal computer dust cleaning is recommended at least once a year, or shorter intervals when greater concentrations of dust are observed in a specific working environment.

In most cases technical interventions as described below can be performed remotely using remote support software:

Completion in: 1 hour (minimum charge).

remote technical support of information systems
Office software installation


Office, multimedia or other software installation.
• Customization is included where necessary (applies to office software, image processing, audio, video, backup, communications such as VOIP applications or intercompany text messages, etc. ERP applications with databases are excluded as more time may be required).

εγκατάσταση προγραμμάτων οδήγησης


Drivers installation.
• Installation of driver software necessary for a correct operation of peripheral devices such as printer, scanner, graphics card, sound card or other devices.

installing peripheral cards


Peripherals installation, related settings.

Computer problems related to speed:

improve computer speed


Improve computer speed.
• If a computer has become slower without having recently installed on it a resource intensive application it is certainly needed a technical intervention.
• Some applications may malfunction due to incompatibility or incorrect settings. Such case can cause significant delays during computer startup or daily tasks seriously affecting productivity, while simply uninstalling them may leave useless files occupying disk space or may cause troubles.
• Other causes of a slow or malfunctioning computer could be wrong settings, long-term accumulation of temporary files, file fragmentation etc.

Backup - restore files:

Backup files and restore


Back up individual files, directories or a full disk image. Restore files or disk image where needed.

cleaning computer viruses


Cleaning viruses or other computer malware.
Such as software to intercept data, grant unauthorized access to your files, or take full control of computer remotely without license or notice.

network settings


Network settings
In cases where technical intervention is possible by remote access like in example, on network devices such as network routers.

Duration of computer technical support:

• It should be mentioned: It is quite difficult to accurately predict a required duration of technical support provision, as it may be affected by different factors.

• Such factors are:
- Different needs of each user,
- Current status of each computer in terms of internal cleaning or need for replacement of worn parts,
- Processor speed,
- Size, memory and speed of hard drive and graphics card,
- Configuration of old or new applications if they need to be installed afterwards,
- Volume of data if needed to be kept in backup before being transferred to its location after completion of tasks.

way of payment:
A condition for any provision of all above services is their payment in advance at my or by credit or debit card or bank account by PayPal.

Technical support onsite visit:

Technical support visit outside of Thessaloniki from 0.38€ /km.:
Additional charge per km:
The above prices of additional charge per km include the cost of going and returning. i.e. for a visit to Athens you may select: → 600km (270€).

remote technical support services:
Technical remote support:

• in any case, 24% VAT is added to above prices during completion of payment.

Please contact me before making any payment because as above stated technician response time frames may vary depending on current obligations to other clients.

• Current price list includes only indicative descriptions of some services offered.

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